Your 5 step plan for a health-boosting holiday

The journey towards achieving high levels of health and fitness may be a long and hard one, but if you listen to your body’s needs you’ll be able to notice the benefits of your new routine a lot sooner.

We often look in the mirror and criticise ourselves when we don’t see a difference immediately. However, it’s important to look deeper, beyond our outer physical appearance to unlock a higher sense of wellbeing.

Escaping to a wellbeing resort can give you a much needed headstart, or boost to achieving your health goals. At Antara Palace, we look closely at your current wellbeing and work closely with you during your visit. We take into account both body and mind, to bring an all-round sense of wellbeing.

Step 1

Upon arrival, you can enjoy our Jetlag Recovery Therapy. Plane rides can be stressful for even the most frequent flyers, so take your time settling in with this innovative therapy.

Firstly, we dip your feet into a soul-soothing salt bath, which is enriched with a blend of essential oils. This natural concoction promotes healthy blood flow to return to your lower limbs after a restricting flight.

This is then followed by a relaxing upper body oil massage. We focus on the neck and shoulders to encourage a sense of full body serenity. Tense muscles and aches ease away with the delicate motions from our expert therapists.

Then we apply a hot compress of traditional herbs, a botanical blend gently placed upon energy points. As we awaken the senses, you’ll begin to transition into a new time zone with ease.

Step 2

Greet the morning sun by joining us for yoga by the beach, in the Antara Yoga Sala. Leave the stresses of life back home behind as you embrace the tranquil principles of this ancient practice.

Yoga brings peace to both your body and mind. As you hold each pose, breathe in the fresh sea air and exhale any trapped negativity. Although yoga is not an intense form of exercise, alongside many health benefits, it will slowly burn calories, helping you to meet any weight loss goals.

Step 3

Take a moment to evaluate your current dietary habits and consumption levels. With our Cellular Nutrition Consultancy, we can identify the core needs of your body and how well you are working to meet them. After your assessment you’ll be able to take away key tips to implement into your daily routine, which will allow you to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Step 4

Leave the resort to experience the beautiful surrounding area. The Akamas Peninsula is a short drive away from Antara Palace. It boasts truly awe-inspiring views and diverse wildlife. In fact, you can see 168 varieties of bird alone within this 230km square valley of lush environment.

Akamas makes a great destination for a hike. The stunning routes will take your mind off the physical challenge and you’ll find yourself being able to push it just a little bit further. Whilst exploring this serene park, you won’t even feel like you’re exercising.

Step 5

For an experience that you can take home with you, attend our healthy living classes and learn something new. We hold plenty of daily tutorials that immerse you into a salubrious lifestyle for you to continue when you arrive home from your retreat.

From Mediterranean cooking to refreshing juicing lessons which aim to promote longevity; we want to give you a lasting sense of wellbeing both at home and away.

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