Wellness Retreats

The Antara retreat programs are created with you in mind. We have carefully designed programs under the categories of stress management, digestive health, women’s health, and relaxation.

At the beginning of each retreat you will meet with your wellness consultant to discuss any wellbeing concerns, current health status, establish your goals and evaluate your ability to achieve these goals. Your wellness consultant will ensure that your program is tailored to your specific current individual requirements. Any supplements on your retreat and the cuisine will be discussed. If you have any special requirements or preferences these can be taken care of to ensure that your stay is a pleasant one.

The Antara retreat programs have been specially created to enable you to achieve a therapeutic outcome.

Antara Palace Wellness Retreats- Unwind From the Worries of Life
Do you have a busy work schedule? Is the pressure at work getting the best of you? Do you wish to escape from all the tensions and worries of life? If so, then contact Antara Palace. We offer the best wellness retreats in a soothing environment to help you relax and go into the perfect state of bliss. From spa wellness retreat to corporate burnout retreat to stress management retreats, each of our retreats will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

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