Шандор Кеньереш

Welcome to the world’s most luxurious wellness villa. During my nearly three decades on the international stage of real estate development, I’ve always wanted to revive a tiny fragment of a world and culture that I had unwaveringly admired and respected. Yes, I’m talking about the culture of ancient Greece, nine-thousand-year-old Stone Age memories, Crusader fortresses, ancient vineyards, and sunshine sparkling on the azure waves of the sea; Cyprus is a unique corner of the world. This is why I considered it to be a personal quest to complete Antara Palace on the island that gave birth to Aphrodite and the most beautiful of legends. A new lifestyle and a new feel for life are born, in whose centre humanity stands as a royal neighbour of the gods.

We built it to serve as a specially protected and uniquely intimate place for regeneration, where the atmosphere, interiors and highly elaborate details all create harmony in your body and soul.

Sándor Kenyeres
, Founder, President


Нора Чиге

I have been dreaming about a place, an idyllic paradise, where you can go not only to relax and revitalise, but also to find yourself.

A place, where all your worries can melt away…

A place, where the positive energies inspire you and make you wonder why you did not decide to do this for yourself earlier…

I was searching for such a sanctuary, but I never found it, so I decided to create it!

I was inspired to create the concept of Antara:  a serene sanctuary, a place where you can go to slow down and hide from the hassle of everyday life, to listen to your body’s needs, get back to your real self and find such a level of wellbeing that you may never have experienced before.

If you decide that it is high time you did something for yourself, you can get everything you could wish for and more at Antara Palace.

Nora Kenyeres, Co-founder