Planning Your Dream Wedding Abroad

Planning a wedding abroad can of course be a daunting thought, in fact, wedding planning in general needs military precision and co-ordination. Whilst the myth of a ‘bridezilla’ attitude is overplayed, nothing should come between you and the wedding of your dreams. It’s one of the most memorable days of your life, after all.

For more extravagant celebrations, you may require the assistance of a seasoned wedding planner. Someone on hand to keep an eye on quality control and point you in the right direction when you’re looking for the perfect finishing touches to your day.

When you’re planning a wedding in Cyprus, there are plenty of factors you may easily overlook, especially when you’re so excited about your big day. If you’re hosting your wedding abroad, ensuring your marriage is legally binding and that your venue and decorations look just the way you want them to is of course difficult when you can’t be there to see everything in advance. How will you judge a florist’s skills, or taste your wedding dinner in advance when you’re not even in the country?

Booking a wedding at Antara Palace gives you the opportunity to discuss the finer details with our wedding co-ordinator, who is on hand to make sure every detail is perfect for the both of you. We have a list of trusted suppliers and will ensure everything is ready for your arrival.

To give you a better idea of the service we provide, we’ve asked our wedding coordinator, Michelle Szabo, to answer a few frequently asked questions by those planning a wedding abroad.

How do you ensure each couple has a bespoke wedding package which meets their needs?

Our wedding co-ordinator holds an in-depth consultation with each bride prior to the big day to ensure that everything that we organise is according to the couple’s taste. We are happy to offer bespoke packages and we have connections to several suppliers, so there isn’t really any request that we cannot satisfy.

How easy is it to ensure that your wedding abroad is legally binding back home? (Will the bridal party need to bring any documentation?)

Weddings held in Cyprus are legally binding in most countries, including the UK. You should contact us to find out for sure if it is legally binding in your country of residence.

The average size of a wedding party at Antara is 50 guests. What solutions would you suggest for those wanting to fly over a large number of guests?

Plan in advance! Book your flight as soon as possible. If you are planning to get married in the high season, book the venue and the hotel in time to avoid disappointment. Also, you may ask for discounts with the suppliers.

Is there anything which brides commonly forget about when planning a wedding abroad?

Sometimes brides are not fully prepared for the wedding conditions in the destination.

For example, they may not expect the weather to be as warm and do not choose an appropriate dress, hair style, make-up etc. Also, for beach weddings, extra high heels and heavy fabrics may not be the best choice. Don’t forget to choose the bridesmaids’ dresses according to weather conditions, too!

When entertaining wedding guests, what sights and activities are available nearby?

The Baths of Aphrodite is on top of the list: this is the place where Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, met Adonis, her lover, according to the mythology. There are many possibilities for outdoor activities, such as yachting, watersports, wine tours, horseback riding, golf, helicopter tours etc. Just contact us for the full list of activities and you won’t be bored for sure!

Who does the bride contact when choosing her flowers and bouquet?

We have our preferred florist to guarantee that flowers are up to standard, so you should just discuss your preferences for flowers with your Antara Palace wedding co-ordinator.

When a bride is planning her wedding abroad, how can she ensure that the food, drink and service will be up to standard? How do you cater for dietary requirements?

At Antara Palace, we offer menu tastings for the couple and close relatives so they can experience the food and the service before the big day to make sure that everything is according to their taste. As for dietary requirements, we ask the couple to let us know in advance if any of the guests have some special dietary requirements. The buffet menus offer a great selection of food so it is much easier to choose from even if the couple forgets to inform us about dietary requirements.

Do you have any makeup tips for planning bridal beauty in hot conditions?

It would be better to consult our preferred make-up artist regarding this matter who can give you professional tips. Just contact your Antara Palace wedding co-ordinator to set up an appointment with the make-up artist for a trial make-up session.

Why do you think Antara is a popular choice for weddings?

Antara Palace is located directly on the beach, in a serene surrounding. The Palace oozes luxury and romance, just check our photos and the beautiful weddings that have previously taken place at Antara and look at the face of happy couples!

Does the spa offer special treatments for brides before the big day?

Yes! If the bride has more time, we would highly recommend the Bridal Retreats that are 3 to 10 days long and provide the most in-depth preparation for the wedding. These Bridal Retreats are tailor-made by our Naturopath according to your concerns, whether it is weight loss, beautiful skin or de-stressing. If the bride has only a few hours, she should book an Aroma Massage to relax or our fantastic Amazonian Guava Berry Spa Manicure and Pedicure.

What is the most popular request from a bride?

To have ample time to take photos since they love the venue and the setting so much!

What is your favourite part of your job as a wedding planner at Antara?

It is great to see couples being happy with their big day and to know that I contributed to creating beautiful memories that they will remember forever.

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