With two indoor an one outdoor dining venues, Antara Palace is sure to tantalise your taste buds and have you yearning for more.

Feel as is you are sailing on one of the most luxurious yachts as you dine at Pomona Terrace. Sip on one of our signature homemade fruit coolers and enjoy some light refreshments as you overlook our infinity pool and rock garden.

Ambrosia Restaurant, named after the food of the gods, is the epitome of our dining excellence. The à la carte menu, with a wide variety of delectable choices prepared for your order by out talented chefs is perfectly accompanied by the flawlessly attentive service in Antara’s most luxurious dining venue.

Live the high life at Melia Restaurant as you are served a stylish chilled Antara cocktail and then prepare yourself for a delicious meal to come. Created using only the freshest ingredients to the highest standards you would expect from Antara Palace, a dinner at Melia is an unforgettable experience.