Design and Style of Antara Palace

As soon as you approach Antara your senses are heightened as you breathe in the sweet smell of roses and citrus from lemon trees, and let the warm Mediterranean air caress your skin as you walk along the cobblestone trail. The palace gardens of Antara represent expert skill and meticulous work: rich and beautiful parks boasting rare plants, amazing flowerbeds, babbling fountains, and romantic promenades.


We have built the most modern Palace of the 21st century, based on the noblest architectural traditions of Hellenistic culture, establishing a majestic style never before seen. Each wall has been hand-painted to replicate the breathtaking palaces of the Ancient Greek aristocracy, every mosaic tile has been individually laid to perfection and guest suites are adorned in silk and plush velvet fabrics. Our magnificent garden terrace and infinity pool is a unique feature that stands out from the rest. Every detail added to the design and style has been finished to the highest standard.


At Antara, every day recalls the luxury of the days of the Kings, so that residents can feel like they’re the neighbours of the gods on Cyprus, the wonderful island of beauty and love.