Why Cyprus is the place to be in late summer

The change of seasons is imminent as we pass from summer to autumn. The leaves begin to darken and nights draw in just a few moments sooner.

For many of us, this may signal the end of our summer breaks. However, anyone desperate to prolong the season and chase the sun will find themselves in good company at Antara Palace.

This year, postpone the transition from sunshine to rain for just a little while longer and escape to the beautiful island of Cyprus.

At this time of year you may expect a last-minute dash for the airports as people clamour for end of season deals, but you couldn’t be more wrong. A popular destination for weddings and general tourists, but not quite as busy as the neighboring Mediterranean islands; Cyprus has maintained a certain degree of exclusivity.

What’s on offer?

Cyprus boasts beautiful natural landscapes and a laidback way of life. If you’ve stayed in Cyprus before, you’ll feel as if you’ve rediscovered this blissful land in exactly the same way you left it.

Away from the bustling summer season, Cyprus still enjoys hours of glorious sunshine. On average, you’ll see between 1-4 days of rainfall in October, a drastic change to the hostile windy downpours back at home. It’s recommended that you cover up a little more once the sun has gone down, as you can still tell that summer has passed once night sets in, but you’ll probably need a little respite from the blazing daytime sun anyway.

There are plenty of activities to take part in all year round that aren’t just part of the summer show. Shop for handcrafted trinkets at the local retailers, take a boat trip along the shore or become one with nature at the Akamas Peninsula; you’ll be able to enjoy all of these activities under the sun even when the summer season has passed.

The 6th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival will also be held in early October. From the 4th until the 8th you’ll be able to experience the musical talents of homegrown performers and explore new genres. Hosted in the capital Nicosia, this celebration of music is a great way to immerse yourself into the culture of Cyprus.

Don’t you deserve a break?

Perhaps you’ve spent all summer working and you’ve decided to take a late break. Where better to disconnect from the stresses of the office than an exclusive spa retreat, hidden away on an island where the sun never sleeps.

Delicious cuisine, beautiful views and friendly locals make Cyprus a great choice for an out of season escape. Our decadent spa packages reflect the laidback nature of our island and help you unwind from the 9-5 grind you escaped from.
An out of season stay is about avoiding the clichéd tourist rush and experiencing this incredible island all to yourself. A sense of exclusivity and beaming sunlight – what more could you ask for?

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